Fast Monte Carlo simulations for proton PBS

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Technical Note: Monte Carlo methods to comprehensively evaluate the robustness of 4D treatments in proton therapy.
Souris K., Barragan-Montero A., Janssens G., Di Perri D., Sterpin E., Lee J. A.
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Fast multipurpose Monte Carlo simulation for proton therapy using multi- and many-core CPU architectures.
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Validation of linear energy transfer computed in a Monte Carlo dose engine of a commercial treatment planning system.
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Validation and application of a fast Monte Carlo algorithm for assessing the clinical impact of approximations in analytical dose calculations for pencil beam scanning proton therapy.
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Validation and clinical implementation of an accurate Monte Carlo code for pencil beam scanning proton therapy.
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Platform for automatic patient quality assurance via Monte Carlo simulations in proton therapy.
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A noise correction of the γ‐index method for Monte Carlo dose distribution comparison.
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Towards fast and robust 4D optimization for moving tumors with scanned proton therapy.
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Mitigating inherent noise in Monte Carlo dose distributions using dilated U‐Net.
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Impact of machine log-files uncertainties on the quality assurance of proton pencil beam scanning treatment delivery.
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Patient-specific bolus for range shifter air gap reduction in intensity-modulated proton therapy of head-and-neck cancer studied with Monte Carlo based plan optimization.
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